Art Nouveau Ghibli

Art Nouveau take on Studio Ghibli Films. Posters by Pixiv user Malboro. Find more here

Plastic Fantastic


Maison Martin Margiela Fall Couture 2013


(Alida Buffalo)

Straight From The Brooklyn Zoo


It's been exactly 8 years since the death of the Ol Dirty Bastard, or the man who embodied the 'Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game' of the Wu Tang Clan. What better way to celebrate his too crazy-for-a-crazy world like nature than in everlasting street art? 

Rest in Peace, ODB



Naruto x Fashion


Rock Lee in RAD by Rad Hourani and Sakura in Celine

The glorious 90's

Post dedicated to celebrating trends of the 90's.
(Hip hop references aplenty)

Baggy Jeans

 Bucket hats

Double Denim

Guess 'mom' Jeans

 Middle Partings

Tommy Hilfiger
 Wu Wear

Raiders Snapbacks

 Reef Sandals